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Global Investment Management’s primary objective is to provide investors with superior returns under any market conditions while maintaining a favorable risk to reward ratio. Our success depends on our disciplined approach to the financial futures markets. Each trade is analyzed to determine position-sizing and whether the risk/reward characteristics fit within our objectives.

Trading methodology is based on a proprietary array of different fundamental and technical indicators, which give insight into market price action, trends, and market sentiment, as well as important support and resistance levels. In addition, mathematically calculated buy and sell resistance points are used to guide trade entry.

These methods are applied to multiple time frames to determine the direction and degree of trend at all levels. Through market research, specific rules have been developed and applied to determine levels of entry for each position. Together, the results of the fundamental and technical analysis and application of rules from a discretionary and/or mechanical trading model.

Position sizing is determined by risk, equity in the account and margin requirements.

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