GIM is active in the following markets:

  • Currencies: Australian Dollar, British Pound, Canadian Dollar, Euro Currency, Japanese Yen, Swiss Franc and US Dollar Index etc.
  • Indices: DAX, emini S&P, e-mini Nasdaq, NIKKEI 225. Hangseng, CAC 40, FTSE 100 etc.
  • Financials: 30 Year Treasury Bonds, 10 Year Treasury Notes, 5 Year Treasury Notes, Eurodollar, German Bund and Euro Bobl etc.
  • Precious Metals: Gold

Depending upon market conditions, we generally allocate approximately 20 % to currencies, 50% to indexes, 30% to Treasury instruments (US and foreign) as opportunities arise. These ratios may be adjusted as market conditions change. The markets will be traded by utilizing proprietary strategies that represent a sophisticated and disciplined approach to trading and that incorporates money management to manage risk.

Diversifying across markets that show low or negative correlation has been shown to provide similar returns while reducing volatility. Managed futures can also provide a hedge against inflation and overall business cycle risk which tends to affect the performance of stocks and bonds.

Since Global Investment Management can trade both long and short positions, the program has the potential to profit (or lose) in both bull and bear trends worldwide. Unlike mutual funds, GIM is not limited to only buying (taking a long position), but can also sell futures. Speculation occurs in both bull and bear global futures markets.

Tracking up to 70 markets on global exchanges and on three different time frames is essential since a given market may only trend as little as 30 percent of the time implying that most of the time a market trades within a range. That is the main reason why GIM tracks multiple markets giving us the opportunity to discover and take positions in trending markets as well as the ability to capitalize on short term trends during volatile periods.

The benefits of managed futures within a well-balanced portfolio include:

  • opportunity for reduced portfolio volatility risk
  • potential for enhanced portfolio returns
  • ability to profit in any economic environment
  • opportunity to participate easily in global markets
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