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GIM fact sheet Global Diversified Program 1.12.2010.

Trading Program facts at a glance

Trading program type
Discretionary/systematic intraday high frequency
To generate significant medium term capital growth independent of stock and bond markets and within a strict risk management framework
Trading program type
Discretionary intraday high frequency
Suggested investment timeframe
3 years +
Level of risk (volatility)
Minimum investment
Applications & withdrawals
Management & performance fee
2% & 25%
Performance benchmark
S&P 500, Barclays CTA Index
Program start date

Direct investments

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Fill in the relevant application form.
Email form to the program manager: [email protected]
For all administration queries please phone:
+or email
You will receive funding instructions as soon as the application form is processed.
Make payment by cheque or electronic transfer

Program Description

GIM Global Diversified Program is a discretionary/systematic, high frequency managed futures trading program that invests into financial futures and commodities through three different time zones (Europe, US and Asia) managed by Global Investment Management (GIM).

Investment Objective

The goal of the Advisor’s Trading Program is to trade financial futures in order to achieve an above average absolute return compared to classic asset classes like stock and bond investments. The methodology employed is under constant revision and refinement, and the Advisor has discretion and reserves the right to selectively use the methodology from time to time.

Trading methodology is based on a proprietary array of different fundamental and technical indicators, which give insight into market price action, trends, and market sentiment, as well as important support and resistance levels. In addition, mathematically calculated buy and sell resistance points are used to guide trade entry.

These methods are applied to multiple time frames to determine the direction and degree of trend at all levels. Through market research, specific rules have been developed and applied to determine levels of entry for each position. Together, the results of the technical and quantitative analysis and application of rules from a discretionary and/or mechanical trading model.

Investment Philosophy

GIM employs a pragmatic approach to managing money.

GIM is not limited to any single style “fundamental� or “technical”.

It is pragmatic and picking the right style – as his analytical template – at the right time is fundamental to his process. GIM is not looking for a single, perfect, 100% certain idea.

The advisor is looking for a variety of separate investments where, in each case, the balance of risk and reward is heavily in its favour. In investment terms, a market is not necessarily good or bad; it depends at what time and at what price.

At the end of each year GIM judges itself on the value of the portfolio not the quality of its ideas.

GIM respects the market and is paid to change its mind. U-turns are allowed. Previous positions, convictions, philosophies, presentations, debates, where necessary, must be thrust aside by “what is right now”.

Risk management

We believe that an investment strategy can only be as successful as the discipline of the manager to adhere to its requirements in the face of market adversity.

Positive management of risk is at the heart of GIM´s approach. Strong emphasis is placed on market analysis and trading, alongside fundamental analysis.

As a general rule GIM applies 15 – 30 % margin to equity ratio.

Active Markets

  • Chicago Mercantile Exchange – CME (USA)
  • Chicago Board of Trade – CBOT (USA)
  • Chicago Board Options Exchange – CBOE (USA)
  • The Montreal Exchange – TMX (Canada)
  • German Derivatives Exchange – EUREX (Germany)
  • Euronext Liffe (United Kingdom, Belgium, Netherlands, France, Portugal)
  • Osaka Securities Exchange (Japan)
  • Hong Kong Futures Exchange (HKFE)
  • Singapore Exchange (SGX)
  • Australian Futures Exchange (ASX)
  • Bolsade Valores de Sao Paolo (Brazil)
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